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Ultimate Holiday Gift Guide: the best products for everyone on your list

Contrary to what some might say, gift giving during the holiday season doesn't have to be a stressful experience. In fact, we can make finding that perfectly unique gift for your loved one loads of fun! (It helps that we have a perfect gift for everyone on your list.)

Just for you, we've crafted a special gift guide to help you through this holiday shopping season. While we couldn't include every single one of our items on this list, you can find all of our products in our online shop. If you still need a little assistance finding the right gift after you read through the guide, don't worry - we'd love to help! Contact us anytime and we'll make sure you have the best gift(s) this holiday season.

Gifts Under $30

'Holly Jolly' Scratch Made Soap Bar

Under $7, the 'Holly Jolly' Scratch Made Soap Bar is a perfect - and inexpensive - gift to give to anyone. This bar is especially festive with its wintergreen scent and red/green colors! Enriched with wild yaupon holly tea, this gift is sure to make the recipient's day brighter.

Happy Soul Curved Straw

These bright Happy Soul Curved Straws are SO fun! Add some shine to your gift by snagging one (or a couple) of these for just $2.

Moonstone Bracelet

One word: swoon-worthy. Moonstone is a "stone of new beginnigs." Like the moon, the stone is reflective and reminds us that, as the moon waxes and wanes, so everything is part of a cycle of change. Its most powerful effect is that of calming the emotions. For only $24, your loved one (and maybe even you!) needs this Moonstone Bracelet.

All-Time Favorites

Beauty by Earth Self Tanner

This Beauty by Earth Self Tanner is a definite crowd-pleaser! Give your loved one the gift of glowing skin this winter.

Christmas Tree Candle

Alright, there's nothing that screams Christmas more than the alluring scent of fir, eucalyptus and a hint of holly berries. In other words, this Christmas Tree Candle literally smells like Christmas if Christmas had a designated smell.

Fringe & Skin Gift Card

You can never go wrong with a gift card. Sometimes, it can be really hard to narrow down the absolute perfect gift. Luckily, gift cards are the solution! Plus, we all know that some people prefer picking out their own products and there's nothing wrong with that.

Gifts For Her

Rose Quartz Facial Roller

Did you know that Rose quartz helps tap into the universe of love?! That's right - this beautiful stone opens up your heart to all kinds of love and allows you to let go of negative emotions that inhibit your ability to love. We're just saying... you better drop the Rose Quartz Facial Roller in your cart as fast as you can.

Blue Kyanite Blade Ring

The oh so pretty Blue Kyanite Blade Ring is the perfect everyday style piece of jewelry that your loved one needs. The smooth and polished raw kyanite blade is vertically set and electro-formed with pure copper, creating a simple and dainty look.

Amethyst Rose Gold Necklace

The special gal in your life will be overjoyed after receiving this lovely Amethyst Rose Gold Necklace. Made in 14K gold, this 18" necklace will have her smiling from ear to ear come Christmas morning.

Gifts For Him

Beauty by Earth Body Wash in Peppermint Tea Tree

Enhanced with skin-supporting tea tree oil, the Beauty by Earth Body Wash in Peppermint Tea Tree is an excellent gift for him. This soap, which naturally cares for sensitive and problematic skin, shows that you care about him.

Black Willow Shave Soap

Chances are, your guy didn't even know he needed the Black Willow Shave Soap. But boy will he be glad once this soap touches his skin. Formulated with coconut oil, castor oil, calcium bentonite clay (Living Clay®), aloe and extra glycerin to generate a rich lubricated lather plus antiseptic black willow bark and an invigorating eucalyptus essential oil blend, this soap protects and softens for a close and comfortable shave, leaving the skin smooth and moisturized.

Breathe Deeply Mist

Give your man the gift of relief this holiday season with Breathe Deeply, a crisp, minty and refreshing mix of organic peppermint and eucalyptus. This best selling aromatherapy blend is soothing, stimulating, refreshing and cooling, providing relief from seasonal allergies and colds.


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