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Prime time for exfoliation

Fall means it's finally time to enjoy pumpkin spice, football games, crisp weather, and so much more. In the beauty realm, autumn also mean that we're heading into prime exfoliation months.

Replenishing your skin with GlyPro Retinol Drops

We simply cannot stress enough the importance of exfoliation, especially heading into cooler months. The cold air outside and dry indoor heating leads to skin cell dehydration, but buffing away these dead cells helps new cells come in healthier. Additionally, exfoliating improves the effectiveness of moisturizers.

This is where GlyPro Retinol Drops come in handy. Resurfacing and exfoliating on the surface, this product promotes cell turnover from within. These drops target texture concerns including pigmentation, pore size, and the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. This potent blend of retinol, glycolic acid, along with gallic acid and botanical extracts, strengthens skin - plumping, hydrating and boosting overall brightness. And who doesn't need some brightness during these colder, darker months?! Don't leave exfoliation out of your skincare routine this season.

Key Benefits

Smoothing: Pro-level exfoliation visibly improves complexion clarity, treating surface imperfections and pigmentation issues.

Renewing: Reduces the appearance of fine lines and pores, while helping to strengthen and plump skin and improve elasticity.

Brightening: Hydrates and boosts radiance using botanical ingredients.


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