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Focusing on our true passions

At Fringe & Skin, we're committed to delivering the very best experience with every service we offer. With that being said, we're making some transitions and changes in the coming months to better focus on our true passions - which are skin care, holistic healing, yoga and our online store.

Effective immediately, we will no longer offer hair services or accept new hair appointments.

As we transition out of offering hair services, such as cuts, colors and styles, we want to thank our loyal clients for supporting us from the start. This new change will allow us to dedicate more time to our spa menu and online store. We will continue to offer a variety of facials, as well as makeup and body bronze services. Additionally, we will be focusing more on our holistic healing and yoga classes.

*Note: For those who are currently scheduled for upcoming hair appointments, we will honor your booking and look forward to seeing you soon!

We are looking ahead with optimism and gratitude.

During this season of change, we feel grateful for the growth and are excited for what's in store for the future. Here are a few of our current/ongoing goals.

  1. Continue to bring the best and latest beauty and wellness products to our online store.

  2. Expand our service menu with an emphasis on holistic healing.

  3. Offer multiple in-person and online yoga classes each week that will explore restoration and relaxation.

As always, we are incredibly thankful to our clients for supporting us in all endeavors. It is our joy to serve you and be part of your lives. We strive to positively impact your journey and assist you as you seek self-care.

Check out our service menu and book your next appointment here! Contact us with any questions.

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