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Vitamin C Duos are BACK!

For a limited time these oh so loved duos are back! Don’t walk, run! Contact me with your order and I’ll have it shipped to your home for free! ♥️

Skin Protecting Power Duo

Correct and protect by combining the antioxidant protection of Daily Power C with a skin-quenching boost from Daily Hydration. This duo helps safeguard skin against pollution and environmental damage. $56

Age Defying Power Duo Firm and Restore. Daily Power C+ and Daily Hydration+ work together to revitalize tone and texture and restore skin’s youthful appearance. The combined action of this pair is designed to help protect against environmental damage while helping target, repair and defy aging. $78

How It Works Featuring Daily Power C

and Daily Hydration serums, these Power Duos deliver the skin protecting and age defying benefits achieved when using Vitamin C and Hyaluronic Acid together. Vitamin C acts as your daily antioxidant to protect skin against environmental damage and Hyaluronic Acid provides critical moisture to thirsty skin – in combination you’re getting the maximum benefits to promote ultimate skin health and ageless beauty.

Recommended For Recommended for dry skin and individuals concerned with aging, including those with light sensitivity.


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