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Benefits of Jade Rolling

Jade has been used for centuries by Chinese royalty to rid the body of bad Qi by opening up the meridian blockage and allowing your Qi and blood circulation to flow. Jade Rolling aides in closing pores, tightens and firms the skin boosting collagen production, reduces wrinkles and puffiness around the eyes, aids in releasing blocked sinus congestion and pain, smooths wrinkles, relieves stress while clearing toxins from the skin, aids in lymph drainage, increases blood flow and naturally tones facial muscles. Regular Jade Rolling radiates the skin by stimulating lymphatic draining, improving circulation and oxygen supply to the face. You can also use Jade Rollers with facial serums and masks to aid in deeper product penetration. It is important to use an authentic Jade Stone Roller and it is most beneficial to roll for a total of 5-10 minutes each use. Below is a guideline of movements to follow when Jade Rolling!

Purchase your Jade Roller today for $24.95! Happy Rolling, beautiful!

xoxo, steph

#antiaging #facial #healingstones

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